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Proven solutions for haul road management.

Cascadia Scientific Terrain tools visualize your hauls roads to target interventions that reduce fuel use, GHG emissions, and accelerated equipment wear. Cascadia Scientific combines high-accuracy fuel consumption data with measurements of road grade, vehicle speed, position, motion, and altitude to construct visual representations of haul road networks. Cascadia Scientific continuously supports clients in identifying and correcting hot spots to maximize efficient and productive operation.

Key benefits
  • Industry-leading IIoT devices for accurate data collection
  • Simple and easy visualization tools
  • Integration with high-resolution satellite imagery and drone footage
  • Heat Mapping: Visualize your mine with the following filters: fuel Intensity, grade, vehicle speed, fuel rate, engine speed, gear selection, acceleration and more
  • Points of Interest: Identify locations of road shock/impact events, racking events, roll/ cornering events, and aggressive braking/bucking events.

Heat Mapping

Targeted Haul Road Repair. Avoid excessive fuel burn, improve operator safety, and reduce equipment maintenance costs and GHG emissions.

  1. Cascadia Scientific collects road data sampled by mobile mining equipment
  2. Cascadia Scientific identifies areas of unnecessarily high energy intensity, vibration, and other undesirable characteristics
  3. Cascadia data scientists support platform subscribers in simulating the results of improved road design or surface condition
  4. Corrective action performed by the mine
  5. Road segments are re-analyzed to confirm the achieved benefits

Point of Interest:

Identifies locations where the mine operations team can make road adjustments to improve operational performance, increase operator safety, and prevent asset damage.

  • Road Shock / Impact:
    Detects acceleration/vibration spikes using onboard accelerometers
  • Rack:
    Detects racking events by analyzing real-time strut pressure values for cross-corner biases
  • Roll / Cornering:
    Detects instances of aggressive cornering loads that may indicate unsafe cornering speeds (load dependent) or insufficiently banked corners

Road Segment Modelling & Haul Path Analysis

Build new haul roads with confidence.

Cascadia Scientific provides powerful haul road forecasting tools built on actual haulage data and machine learning models. Cascadia models individual road segments to predict how future haul roads will impact productivity, consumption & efficiency.

Energy Intensity Heat Mapping