Independent Technology and Petrochemical Efficiency Evaluations

Unsure if Lubricants, Fuel Additives or other products can deliver on stated efficiency gains? You don’t have to take their word for it.

Blutip In service Fuel Trial

SmartRView enables operators of high-horsepower diesel equipment to precisely quantify the production and efficiency impacts attributable to specific changes under consideration.  While this work has most commonly focussed on the evaluation of petrochemicals, the platform is equally suited to evaluation of new equipment, parts, processes and operating strategies. 

Some of the largest global petrochemical companies have engaged the SmartRView platform to demonstrate the efficiency impacts of their premium and synthetic formulations to customers.  As analysts are often skeptical of laboratory results, or those produced under any conditions but their own, an appetite persists for on-site, in-service evaluation.   

Cascadia Scientific’s SmartRView subscribers, enjoy full access to the instrumentation, analysis and support required to execute this use case and many others.  It is however understood that product suppliers, or teams mandated to evaluate a single specific change may not be well served by the subscription model.  For these customers, Cascadia offers the SmartRView powered in service fuel trials.

SmartRView Fuel Efficiency Bench marking

The SmartRView powered fuel trial is a turn key offering including:

  • Consultation

  • Design of experiment

  • Supply, installation, monitoring and removal of high accuracy fuel measurement equipment

  • Vehicle network integration

  • Cloud connectivity and data collection

  • Statistical analysis and modeling

  • Generation of an impartial summarizing report

For on-going access to the full set of tools, consider a SmartRView subcription


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