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SmartRView is a site-wide analytics platform and dashboard that collects fuel data from our on-board fuel meters and sensors on your fleet. SmartRView is designed for mobile mining equipment and consists of ruggedized, high precision fuel meters as well as a measurement controller that connects to the cloud and the on-vehicle network. The Cascadia Scientific’s fuel meters and SmartRView controller are installed on each vehicle, and provide total fuel consumption accuracy of 99%.

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Cloud-based, SmartRView connects your diesel equipment to your control center, wherever that may be. The data is captured at key moments within your mining cycles, such as: every load, dump, and alarm, or every 5 minutes. SmartRView has store and forward capabilities for equipment that travel in and out of range. We also provide more in-depth GPS and CANBUS data, which we make reviewable on the site or available for download.

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We then turn that data into insights to help you run your operations more effectively. From hard real-time and safety-critical systems to vehicle network and telematics integration, our ability to deliver embedded controls and insights is extensive. Cascadia Scientific’s SmartRView platform delivers data that is not available in conventional fleet management or site reporting systems. Specifically, SmartRView’s telematics suite delivers derivatives of direct fuel measurement and motion/position sensing metrics, in addition to the standard data originating from the vehicle network. Such data include:

  • Haul cycle efficiency metrics (litres/tonne-km, litres/hour, etc.)

  • Operating hours

  • Haul cycles

  • Fuel burn vs. vertical travel

  • Fuel burn vs. grade

  • Idle time

  • Gross loaded vertical

  • Gear selection

  • GEO fencing

  • Distance over ground

  • Total fuel burn since last service

  • Fuel injection map information

The SmartRView platform also allows this data to be grouped and analyzed by type of equipment, pit location, or operator group. For example, a mine could compare the fuel efficiency of groups of equipment operating in different pits or analyze the impact of a new fuel additive on a group of equipment.

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SmartRView’s analytics platform has been used by major fuel and lubricant suppliers to justify the cost of premium petrochemicals and by a large Latin American coal miner to evaluate driver behaviour. Oil sands producers have deployed SmartRView’s customizable alarms to correct inefficient operator behaviour, such as excessive idling and dozer long walks. From mine planning to procurement to operations and maintenance, diesel equipment operators are using SmartRView’s fuel analytics platform to run their sites more effectively and efficiently. To learn more, click the category that most interests you and download our detailed presentation below.

Operator Evaluation / Coaching

Equipment Allocation

Equipment Alarms

Maintain to Fuel Burn

Efficiency Triggers

Fuel System Condition-Based Maintenance

Mobile Mining Equipment Evaluation

3rd Party Product Evaluation

Fuel and Lube Analysis

Ramp Design

Equipment Sizing

Fuel Use Projection