SmartRView informs the procurement process

Petrochemical Evaluation

SmartRView powered mining trials have been conducted on behalf of 2 of the worlds leading petrochemical producers and distributors. Petrochemical evaluations typically run for 5 months and determine the specific impact of premium fuels and lubricants on equipment efficiency.

Mobile Mining Equipment Evaluation

Over the life of a mobile mining asset, total fuel burn is often measured in the tens-of-millions of litres. A choice made in equipment size, manufacturer or configuration will impact profitability decades into the future. SmartRView uniquely informs the purchasing process by allowing customers to accurately establish equipment efficiency in their own operation.

Fleet Rationalization

As equipment ages, decision must be made related to the decommissioning, sale, or repurposing of equipment. SmartRView offers the capacity to inform these decisions through an accurate accounting of production and efficiency of an aged fleet.


Challenge: Establish the efficiency impacts directly attributable to premium fuels and lubricants

Haul trucks climbing ramp.jpeg

The decision to accept a higher price per volume for petrochemicals is most commonly based on the promise of increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

SmartRView has been leveraged as an independent and impartial tool for in-service mining trials performed in partnership with global mining companies and fuel distributors. Most commonly involving a fleet of 8-10 haul trucks the study unfolds in 3 stages. First a baseline is established across the instrumented fleet. In the second stage, half of the fleet is re-configured with the premium lubricant or fuel and operation continues while the impacts stabilize. In stage 3, the attributable benefits of the petrochemical are established by comparing the relative change in performance


In every case the mining company makes a procurement decision armed with data to support personalized cost-benefit analysis. These techniques can be extended to any change under consideration on diesel burning equipment.