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Help your operators succeed.

Your people are your greatest assets. Empower your operators with Cascadia Scientific’s operator performance management program.

Variance in operator performance regularly results in efficiency gaps of 8%. This variance can represent a fuel cost between USD 50,000 – USD 100,000 per year at a standard open pit mine site. Cascadia Scientific uses custom sensors and machine learning to rank operator performance and provide specific recommendations to capture productivity and efficiency gains.

Key Benefits:
  • Machine learning models rank operator performance normalized for truck allocation and work intensity
  • Custom alarms to capture poor operator behaviour
  • Real-time operator performance monitoring with ML Operator Coach
  • Site-specific recommendations for operator improvement

Operator Performance Management

Cascadia Scientific produces models that isolate the impact of operator performance on overall haulage efficiency and production. Model parameters include the date, duration, tonnage, distance, vertical travel, idle time, truck ID etc., to normalize analysis for truck utilization and mine condition. Cascadia Scientific employs custom sensors installed on mobile equipment to ensure accurate and reliable data for operator evaluation.

Undesirable operator behaviour can significantly impact the health of mobile mining equipment. Cascadia Scientific provides custom, site-specific behavioural alarms to capture, report, and manage your operator’s behaviour. Alarms can be any combination of vehicle network data and Cascadia sensor data. Some examples include:

  • Speed > 5 MPH with dump body elevated
  • Application of service brake at speed
  • Engine Overspeed
  • Global or local speed limit violation
  • Hard stop / aggressive braking
  • Transmission hunting

Above and beyond providing rankings and alarms to improve operator performance, Cascadia Scientific provides recommendations and specific actions to capture efficiency and productivity gains. Cascadia will:

  • Identify mine locations where operator behaviour has the most significant impact on haulage efficiency
  • Recommend ideal gear selection and engine speeds at specific locations
  • Inform ideal cornering, acceleration, and deceleration speeds
  • Advise ideal engine RPMs during loading and dumping
  • Analyze loading and queuing times
  • Analyze site-wide idling, including times and locations of long idle events

Cascadia Scientific’s Operator Performance Management program has been utilized across nine countries and consistently delivers efficiency gains between 1% and 3%, with further improvements to productivity, maintenance, and operator safety.

Operator Performance Management