Cascadia Scientific’s SmartRView technology has been installed on four continents at some of the world's largest mining, construction, power generation, and fuel additives companies. Applications include haul trucks, excavators, dozers, and prime continuous power generators. 

Cascadia’s telematics can identify issues such as high idle time and risky driver behavior. Cascadia’s data analytics can also be used for operational decision-making such as predicting fuel usage when haul-truck routes change, and to assess the impact of fuel additives on fuel efficiency. For example, for a major oil sands producer, Cascadia's SmartRView platform provided real-time alerts when dozer engines overheated, improving equipment uptime and reducing lifecycle costs. In addition, for 2 of the big 6 oil producers we have executed fuel consumption and efficiency studies in order to establish the benefits of their premium fuels and additives.

Whether you are seeking to save fuel and protect the environment, monitor and correct driver behaviours, reduce equipment maintenance and other lifecycle costs, or get more accurate fuel consumption data to enable smarter operational decisions, Cascadia Scientific can help. Contact us today, and we'll get started.