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ML Operator Coach

Improve Operator Performance in Real-Time.

Driven by customer demand, Cascadia Scientific has developed a new and innovative operator performance monitoring system called “ML Operator Coach”. This tool reports on operator performance in real-time by comparing measured haul cycle results to an evolving model of the mine representing peak performance.

Key Benefits

  • Live “Leaderboard” measuring relative operator performance & behaviours
  • Live “Distribution Plot” to quickly communicate ongoing shift efficiency and site performance
  • Live “Efficiency Trendline” displaying efficiency trends of individual operators
  • Live “Alarm Table” to immediately present operator abuse events

How does it work?

Built on the backbone of the SmartRView platform, ML Operator Coach provides near real-time evaluation of operator tactics and efficiency, intended to support immediate intervention.  ML Operator Coach offers a live ‘control room’ inspired interface to help the supervisory activities of operators in near-real time.

Operator Evaluation

Operator evaluation consists of the following:

  • Performance Analysis: Focussed on efficiency and productivity outcomes
  • Tactical Analysis: Focussed on operator control inputs and the equipment response

  • During a shift, the result of every completed cycle is compared to the model’s performance prediction.
  • Every cycle is an opportunity for the operator to outperform or underperform the model and their contemporaries.
  • The digital coach presents a live operator leaderboard exposing the actors whose performance repeatably scores in the lowest percentile.

ML Operator Coach evaluates operator inputs to detect:

  • When an operator violates an established operational guideline.
  • The level of conformance to recommended practice
    (proximity to targeted engine speed on-ramp)
  • General proficiency of throttle, transmission, and vehicle speed management