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Cascadia Scientific combines high-accuracy fuel measurement, onboard sensing, data analytics and machine learning to deliver industry-leading intelligence to mining operations.


At Cascadia Scientific, we use Machine Learning techniques to derive meaning and insight for mobile mining equipment. These models deliver insights and actions that can improve nearly every aspect of a mining operation.

Make Changes

Build models, run software, and collaborate with Cascadia data scientists to tackle complex mining challenges. Our work is only done once the intelligence we uncover drives organizational change and directs targeted interventions.

Pilot Program

Pilot Projects are designed to reduce risk and provide a low barrier to evaluate Cascadia Scientific as a trusted partner.

Select 6_8 Assets
Select 6 – 8 assets
Cancel anytime in the first six months

What’s Included?

Hardware & Software
Hardware & Software

Includes everything your site needs to get up and running with Cascadia Scientific

Training and Technical Support
Training and Technical Support

One-on-one support and online training modules to help your site become data science experts

Cloud Solutions & Integration
Cloud Solutions & Integrations

Curated dashboards, online mapping, machine learning modelling, and secure APIs

Data Science Support
Data Science Support

Free up your people with data science support. You mine ore. We mine data.

Partners in Innovation
Partners in Innovation

We are flexible, easy to work with and provide solutions that match your needs.

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