SmartRView-CASE STUDY- Operations

Challenge: Increase haul truck efficiency through improved operator performance


Excavator loading Haul truck(Best).jpeg

A large Latin American mining operation engaged training consultants to deliver simulator-based coaching.  Upon return from training, there was no way to establish the impact of the adjusted behaviors, and no way to evaluate or influence the resulting benefit over time.


SmartRView was installed on several haul trucks to measure haulage efficiency and productivity.  A customized feature was developed to establish the level of adherence to the newly learned behaviors.  The mine supplied operator rosters and allocation details which enabled SmartRView to report on individual operator performance.  This was done by stitching together periods of operation across multiple shifts and multiple trucks.


The data was compelling and showed a significant and measurable improvement in operator efficiency upon return from training.   SmartRView is used to evaluate operator efficiency and provides operator rankings normalized by equipment.  These rankings inform operator recognition and re-training priorities.