SmartRView- CASE STUDY- Maintenance

SmartRView platform enables mining professional to improve their maintenance strategies. A refined maintenance strategy including total fuel burn can reduce unnecessary maintenance while avoiding unplanned failures.  Consider the benefit of eliminating a single unnecessary preventive maintenance event per asset per year. 

Challenge: Reduce cost and downtime related to premature maintenance

Haul truck getting loaded.jpeg

A Canadian oil sands operation ran a preventive maintenance strategy driven by days in service.  Members of the maintenance team suspected that this approach, while straight forward to implement, was resulting in significant pre-mature maintenance.

SmartRView was installed on haul trucks and dozers reporting on mining activity and fuel burn. 


Over a 2-month period, the standard deviation in daily fuel burn was 26% of the mean and the highest consuming day saw 3.5 times the fuel burned as the lowest.  The variation in fuel burn across maintenance intervals was 24% illuminating a clear opportunity for cost savings.  Fuel burn also dramatically outperformed engine hours which accumulate steadily regardless of the intensity of work.  This evidence strongly supports the economic justification of fuel-based maintenance scheduling.