Ever wonder what is behind Cascadia Scientific's SmartRView data?

SmartRView Fuel meters yield accuracy and repeatability that outperform ECM fuel use models by as much as 10X (1000%).  This measurement accuracy and the related data collection strategies, are fundamentally important to enabling high value business improvement use case execution. 

Fuel meters.jpg

Accurate fuel measurement data alone is not enough to inform mining efficiency initiatives.  For this reason, SmartRView combines in-service fuel measurement with several key mining metrics.

        Pressure based altimetry is used to establish haul cycle gross (loaded) vertical travel, a key indicator of mining intensity.

        Vehicle network integration is used to established haul cycle distance, equipment hours, payload tonnage and specific operator input patterns. 

        9-Axis motion sensing is included to detect ramp grades and measure vibration levels to inform decisions around road design and maintenance.

        GPS is used as a highly available and reliable source of date/time, while geo-location data can be used to restrict analysis to specific areas of the mine. 

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