Driver Coaching Lowers Mine Costs

Ever wonder why some drivers seem to burn more fuel per shift, consistently? Driver behavior directly impacts both fuel burn and maintenance costs. Cascadia Scientific's cloud-based SmartRView platform will notify you of alarm conditions on your dozers, haul trucks, and other vehicles, enabling real-time intervention and driver coaching. This saves money on both fuel and equipment maintenance.

Haul truck getting loaded

At one of our Canadian customers, for example, we have set the following alarms for dozers:

  • Engine Overheat – raised when coolant temperature exceeds 99 degrees Celsius

  • Long Idle – raised when a dozer is left running and is not shifted out of neutral for a period of 1 hour or longer

  • Long Travel – raised when a dozer is operated in gears F1 or F2 for an uninterrupted period of 20 minutes of longer.

Notification emails are generated at the moment the alarm condition is violated, enabling immediate intervention and driver coaching. Alarm histories can be reviewed in the Cascadia SmartRVIew web portal. The alarms will generate an email to designated parties, with information about the conditions triggering the alarm, and related information about ambient conditions and truck operations. One example of an actual alarm reported at our Canadian customer's site is:

An engine overheat was reported at 2:11 PM, (8:11 PM UTC).  At this point the engine load was reported at 100%, and the dozer was pushing in Forward gear 2.

The temperature remained above 96 degrees C for a period not exceeding 15 minutes, and was captured at 114 degrees 10 minutes into the alarm in gear F2.

The following table shows the detailed data captured during the alarm period:

iot truck alarm details.png

Using Cascadia SmartRView's platform and instrumentation package to proactively coach drivers and perform condition-based maintenance can save your mine or construction site 2-5% in fuel costs and about 3% in maintenance costs. Contact us today to start reducing costs at your site.