Better Data for Contract Mining Operations


Contract miner? Get the data you want with the ease of Cascadia Scientifc's SmartRView. No complex infrastructure required.

Large scale data analytics are continuing to play a huge role in the way we think and conduct our mining activities. Understanding how your equipment performs by utilizing data is imperative to ensuring cost-effective operations, particularly for contract miners.

When paid on a per ton basis, contract miners often face many limitations when engaging data analytics. Inability to leverage corporate IT structures, data services that aren’t properly tailored, and confusing roll out procedures make it difficult to leverage the data you need from the equipment you own.

SmartRView leverages the cloud and sensors already on large haul trucks and other equipment to bring the power of the industrial internet of things ("IIOT") to your contract mining operation. Pay load, machine status, fuel burn, truck speed, machine health alarms and much more, are all made available through our cloud connected portal. Move your data securely, and independently with no infrastructure investment like towers or trailers. Seamlessly integrate third party devices on a singular platform. Store and forward that data to easily access it anywhere, at any time.

SmartRView also uniquely delivers data that is not available in conventional fleet management or telematics systems, including derivatives of direct fuel measurement and motion/position sensing metrics. Such data include:

  • Haul cycle efficiency metrics (litres/tonne-km, litres/hour, etc.)

  • Fuel burn vs. vertical travel

  • Fuel burn vs. grade

  • Distance over ground

  • Total fuel burn since last service

  • Fuel injection map information

Price is the other difference with SmartRview. There is no upfront capital outlay for complex infrastructure. Our annual license fee works out to less than $15 per day, per truck. Our lightweight, cloud-based SmartRView platform right-sizes your investment.

Our engineering experts also provide analysis and guidance as to how to interpret your results - at no extra charge. Combined with the power of data from millions of hours of successful field operation, that is priceless.

Revamping your entire dispatch system and installing complex communication networks is time consuming and expensive.  SmartRView is affordable, adaptable and fully configurable.  Never before has it been so simple, and affordable to better understand your equipment and your operations.

Many contract miners find that the operational data available in the SmartRView web portal is the most valuable component of Cascadia’s SmartRView platform, because it helps them make smarter operational decisions affecting the entire contract mining operation. '

And the low price of all that data and analysis is something your CFO and your site manager can both get behind.

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