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About Us

Who We Are

At Cascadia Scientific, we share an enthusiastic optimism for the potential of machine learning to revolutionize mining. We are proud of our work to improve mine haulage sustainability and are driven to help customers address their most pressing needs through data-driven decision support.

We will lead the charge to bring the disruptive power of machine learning to mines of every size and at all points along the digital transformation curve.

Empower subscribers to implement impactful changes guided by high-quality data and leading-edge analytics. Cascadia Scientific strives to minimize the carbon footprint of heavy mining equipment and will continue toward this path until our industry achieves complete decarbonization.

We believe the data we collect at your site belongs to you. This philosophy is embodied in the various ways we invite customers to interact with our platform, ranging from curated dashboards to secured APIs.

Addressing Customer Needs

Are there areas of your operation where significant improvement is possible? Connect with our team to discuss how we would approach the situation and how we have supported others in the past. We are flexible, easy to work with and provide solutions that match your needs.

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